What is Your Why?

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We are very fortunate we get to meet lots of different people from different walks of life.  Being so lucky means, we have the opportunity to learn about what motivates people and the list if virtually endless.

Some people visit us and have a long list of gripes about what they do for a living, whatever might be happening in their lives.  For this article, we’ll comment on work life.

When someone starts griping about their work life, we ask them one simple question.  If you are so unhappy, why do it?

The answers tend to come down to what is ultimately a fairly short list including

  • Where else am I going to earn the same money?
  • I can’t be bothered going through the job-hunting process
  • I’m not good at anything else

There’s the old saying “Money doesn’t buy you happiness”.  Of course, have you ever seen someone unhappy driving a Ferrari?  Through the people we are fortunate to assist and work with we have seen plenty of examples of why the saying is spot on.

The happiest people we meet have similar stories to tell regardless of how they choose to pay the bills

  • They genuinely enjoy their job
  • Doing their job affords them the opportunity to engage their other passions
  • Their positive
  • They have a sense of being in control

So, What is Your Why?

It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you are happy and enjoy whatever it is you do

Troy Pearce

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